Why Trade Me Insurance
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Why us?

We're all about peace of mind insurance without the pain in the backside. We'll help you remove the mountains of insurance paperwork from your life.

Your prescription for insurance pain relief

At Trade Me, we like to keep things simple. We see complicated things and can’t resist breaking them down and putting them back together in a better way.

That’s why we’re taking on insurance - possibly one of the most complicated industries in New Zealand.

We believe there’s a better way to do insurance. Forget insomnia-inducing documents, painful complexity, and long phone calls just to get a quote. Most of all, we want to make it easy for Kiwis like you.

Quality cover, sharp price

It's our aim to provide you with great quality cover at a super sharp price. Trade Me Insurance policies include a broad range of quality features - plus a bunch of optional add-ons so you can choose the cover that suits you best.

The best combination since steak and cheese

In order to bring you this insurance offer, we’ve recruited the help of TOWER. They’re a great Kiwi company and one of the most respected, trustworthy insurance providers in New Zealand. What’s not to like?

By joining forces with TOWER we’ve combined the best of both worlds – fresh digital thinking, and traditional insurance wisdom. With our joint vision of making insurance better, we knew straight away this was a match made in insurance heaven.

Why should I buy Trade Me Insurance?

Quote, buy, and claim online:

The world has gone digital, it’s time insurance
followed suit.

Value for money:

It’s our goal to offer low-cost, affordable insurance options to all New Zealanders.

It’s insurance, made simple:

Straight-up information that’s easy to access online.

We’re offering you mates’ rates:

If you’re already a Trade Me member, we’ll offer you a special discount.

Join the party

Ready to dive in and get a quote? Check out one of our insurance offerings below.

Protect your ride with car insurance

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Protect your home with house insurance

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Protect your stuff with contents insurance

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